About Us - Who We Are?

All in One Women’s Association (ALOWA) is founded on the collective goal to enhance, promote, and foster the social, economic, cultural and political well-being of Women in Uganda. As a national organization representing women since 2004, ALOWA’s mandate is to achieve equality for all women in Uganda. ALOWA is actively involved with partner organizations at the local, National and across the globe towards this goal to end the discrimination against women.

Our Mission Statement

To help empower women by being involved in developing and changing legislation which affects them, and by involving them in the development and delivery of programs promoting equal opportunity for all women.

Vision Statement

We have a vision of communities where women:

a) Have an opportunity to develop their talents
b) Have an opportunity to participate in political and decision making processes
c) Are encouraged to live healthy lifestyles by maintaining balance
d) Are encouraged to learn their history and traditional ways
e) Accept and exercise their responsibilities to contribute to a strong community
f) Are accepted in a society free of inequalities and discrimination

General Objectives

All in One Women’s Association (ALOWA) strives to:

a) Be the national voice for women in Uganda
b) Address issues of concern to women
c) Assist and promote common goals
d) Promote equal opportunities for women
e) Serve as a resource
f) Cultivate and teach
g) Assist women’s groups
h) Advance issues and concerns of women
i) Promote women in leadership
j) Link with other organizations with common goals

Our Core Values

All in One Women’s Association (ALOWA) core values:

a) Respect
b) Love
c) Bravery
d) Humility
e) Wisdom
f) Honesty
g) Integrity
h) Trust
i) Truth
j) Dignity