Message from Director

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to ALOWA’s website. Whether you are looking for information on programs or projects for empowering women, you have come to the right place to find out about All in One Women’s Association (ALOWA). By perusing the site you will learn about the organization’s programs and services, how to empower women, ways you can get involved and support women’s cause in Uganda.

It is my hope for this address and throughout our website that along with finding the information you seek, you also gain a sense of who we are – in the heart of the organization. One of the most impressive things I can tell you about the people working on the front-lines with women is that the vast majority have been with Victims of abuses for ten years or more. Frequently, I am asked how and why staff members stay so long, when each and every work day is filled with intense emotional trauma.

Women Activists tell me – how – they are able to stay for years on end. They are constantly challenged and engaged by the wide-range of complex presenting issues each and every day. And – why – they stay, is because the work is remarkably rewarding. Our staff members say that helping Women find solutions to extremely complex problems and comforting Women during their most vulnerable is unbelievably meaningful and worthwhile.

Not only are our staff members incredibly empathetic, compassionate and passionate about their work, they are also highly skilled, professional and extensively trained in human rights, gender and development, trauma management, counseling and conflict resolution. All of our staff are university educated, with most having achieved either a Bachelors or Masters Degree .

Another major part, and core to who we are in the heart of the organization, is our volunteers. Hovering around 150 strong, our volunteers are the life blood of the organization, providing immeasurable contributions to several women we serve, the organization and the community at large. Our volunteers are dedicated, generous and capable individuals who complete a ten week training course before they begin to donate tens of thousands of hours of service each year.

Thank you for your interest in All in One Women’s Association (ALOWA). We hope that you will consider lending your support to the agency’s vital programs and services. Whether volunteering or through financial support, your assistance can make a tremendous difference and positively affects the lives of Women.

Marion Kyokusiima
Executive Director
All in One Women’s Association (ALOWA)

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Recent News & Events

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    Namayingo, Butambala Get New CAOs

    Lillian Kobusingye the Kabale Central Division Assistant Town Clerk and Christopher Ahimbisibwe the Northern division Assistant Town Clerk have been promoted to Deputy Chief Administrative Officers. Lauben Ntegyereize the Kabale deputy town clerk confirmed the promotion of the two clerks yesterday. The two leaders have now been replaced by Grace Munyambabazi (Central) and Alex Baingana (north).

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    Drunken Woman Assaults Kabale LC5 Chairman

    Police in Kabale are investigating a case in which a 68 year old woman allegedly attempted to beat up the Kabale LC5 Chairperson Patrick Besigye Keihwa with a club and used abusive language on him. Police says Dinah Rutagyema, a resident of Kanyankwanzi cell, Kitumba sub county in Kabale district on March 26th, while at Kanyankwanzi trading centre, asked Chairman Keihwa money to buy alcohol which he declined.